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Detroit River Walleye Jigging Trip 10 hr

10 Hour Day

  • 10 hr
  • 750 US dollars
  • Lake St. Clair

Service Description

Price is for up to three clients. $100 per additional person (4th, 5th). $250 deposit required at booking. Trips Available Mid/Late March to End of May. Jigging During the spring walleye run on both the Detroit and St. Clair River systems one of the most effective tactics of targeting walleye is jigging. A typical setup for jigging walleye in these river systems include a 1000-2500 series spin casting reel spool with 8-12LB test braid, some anglers preferring high visibility colored braid run to a barrel swivel with a 1-3FT section of 8-12LB fluorocarbon leader. Rod preference varies across anglers, but popular opinion follow the guidelines of a 5’9”-6’3” medium to medium heavy power, fast action, one piece rod. Typical jig heads used weigh anywhere from 5/8th-1.5 ounces depending on the river conditions being fished and the comfort in staying vertical and feeling bottom with any one individual. Jig heads are rigged with a 4” soft plastic artificial minnow or worm, a stinger hook for added insurance for finicky fish, and often times tipped with a live emerald shiner for extra flash and natural appearance. The walleye vertical jigging bite is extremely fun and often times yields high numbers of fish and even higher numbers of smiles! With the river systems booming with life jigging often times results in walleye trips seeing more species than just walleye caught. It is very common for vertical jigging trips to see musky, pike, small mouth, white bass, catfish, and even sturgeon to be caught.

Contact Details

  • Lake St Clair

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